Will Riding A Bike Help You Lose Stomach Fat?

How to lose body fat is one of the most asked questions people want an answer to!
But finding one is not the problem! The problem is that there are so many products that offer the one and only secret to fat loss and so many diet plans that many people give up by just looking at them while trying to find the ONE Diet plan that is working or the one and only secret to lose weight fast.


But geuss what!

There is no SECRET!

It is all really simple….
And here comes the Bike into play. Lets make a real fast calculation of your calorie burn while riding a bike and you don’t even have to do it every day. Of course it depends on how much your body can take. For some it would be twice a week while another one can ride the bike three times a week and yet another one rides his bike every day without problems. OOPS i was supposed to show a calculation but kept talking for no reasen:)

Anyway here it is:

Let’s just say you weight 200 punds which is about 100 kilo.

20 minutes of slow bike riding burns 200 C!!!

Yep thats already 200 C for just riding the bike for 20 minutes. It does not look like much but you have to count it all together. So lets say you ride your bike 3 times a week for 20 minutes or even 30 minutes (in that case it would be 300C).

That means you burn about 600C (20 min) or 900C (30 min) a week which is 600 or 900C more than you burn now. So it does not really matter if you ride your bike once a week, twice a week or every day as long as you DO IT!

But what about the other days where you do not ride your bike?

You have some options here.

1. You can rest and get fresh again if you need to.

2. You could ride your bike but maybe for a less amount of time.
Lets say 10 or 15 minutes

3. OR and this is the best in my opinion you can just take a 10 to 20 or even 30 minute WALK!!! Yep no bike riding but walking.

Because let’s face it.. Riding the bike everyday and doing nothing else but that gets pretty boring after a while and you should mix it up. Be creative. There are tons of other things that you can do to burn some extra calories… You have seen above that even 600C a week DO make a difference and just imagine what you will burn when you also take a walk twice a week or just do some rope jumpng or other activities that are fun FOR YOU. Do not just do what everybody is doing. Find things that are fun FOR YOU and mix them up during the week.

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