What is Truly the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

A combination of diet and exercise is truly the fastest way to lose weight. Of course, there are fad diets and starvation techniques that you can try for a quick fix but doing so is like begging more weight to boomerang back to you. Healthy lifestyle changes are truly the fastest, and safest, way to shed pounds and keep them at bay.

The Safest and Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Portion control is key to a healthy diet. Skipping a meal, especially breakfast, is a big NO NO because it can cause your blood sugar level to plummet. This can cause heightened cravings, overeating, and may also lead to serious health complications such as hypoglycemia which causes anxiety, impaired mental functions and loss of consciousness.

Foods high in fiber should comprise the major portions of your meal because they are low in calories and, at the same time, cleanse your digestive system. It will also make you feel full quickly to avoid overeating and gaining more weight. Finally, do not forget your H2O. Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water daily. It is effective in suppressing hunger. It also helps the kidney flush out waste to better metabolize fat deposits.


Incorporating exercises along with your diet is the fastest way to lose weight. If an hour in the gym seems like a personal ordeal, you don’t have to slave away at it if it makes you miserable. It is crucial for you to enjoy your physical activities, because effective methods for losing weight should be sustainable.

Enroll yourself in a dance class if that is your thing. Take long walks while you listen to your favorite playlist or take your trusty old bike for a long and enjoyable ride. Work-outs need not be monotonous and boring; however, they need to be incorporated in a consistent routine.

You can also incorporate weight loss tricks in your daily schedule without making it seem like a burden. Some examples are: take the stairs rather than the elevator, walk to your officemate’s table if you need to deliver a memo or message rather than sending an e-mail or walk to a nearby park for your lunch or to a grocery store rather than taking a car.

The fastest way to lose weight does not deliver instantaneous results. Rather, it produces sustainable weight loss by keeping yourself lean and healthy through sustainable lifestyle choices. So, no taking shortcuts; choose the right way and stay lean and healthy.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight



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