Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40

Many women older than 40 years have difficulties of growing thin. There are many reasons for which it might prevent you from losing weight. It can stem from the life of the office waved, or the loss of weight looks like a difficult task, in addition to administering a family. It does not import which the reason is, with any simple changes in its life style that you can get rid of the fat excess and be supported in good form. These are some advices to grow thin healthy for the women, who will help him to be supported in form. Advices to lose weight and tricks for major women of 40lth first that it is necessary to do in the programs of loss of weight, it is to calculate its IMC.



Once they have discovered how many excess weight it has, it can point at the status of normal weight for its height and age. Also, it is necessary to take measures of its body to maintain a record of its change of form. To measure the areas of the body like calves, thighs, hips, abdomen, bust, forearms, arms, neck, etc Then to note down you are measured in a newspaper. In this newspaper of maintaining a section to realize monthly anthropometric measurements and weight. So, every month, you can note down the number of pounds sterling that has lost and how many inches has lost from different areas of the body. Now, there are two things at that it is necessary to aim.

First of all, it is doing healthy changes in its diet. And secondly, some type of exercise is included every day. To do changes to grow thin in its diet does not mean that there diminishes the food quantity that he eats, but to replace the slightly healthy food with more healthy. Do a list of the healthy food and the slightly healthy food that it consumes. Avoid the food consumption scrap, the sugary food, sugary refreshments, coffee or tea, or fried food. These are much a fattening and to cause water retention in the body. Its diet of loss of weight must contain many different recipes of healthy food. For example, you can replace slightly healthy aperitifs with yogurt batter with berries or its favorite fruits, hummus with cookies, dried fruits and nuts, cheese low in fat of chain with some integral cookies, bars of granola low in fat, salads of fresh fruits, salads of fresh vegetables, etcse it treats about the aperitifs option, also it can replace the refreshments, coffee or tea with green tea. To drink 3-4 cups of green tea and a lot of water during the whole day will maintain the hydrated body and also they help to clean the body. Insure of doing its meals with much less oil.

To cook to the steam, to roast, to bake or to roast grilled sound some options to do healthy meals. This way, for one month only they center on this food to grow thin for the women. Once you feel comfortable with these changes in the diet, it is the moment to add a little of exercise to its program of loss of weight. There are several exercises of loss of weight for the women, nevertheless, due to time limitations it would not be possible to dedicate one or two hours of training. A walk of 30 minutes in the morning is a good idea. If it already goes to walk, next, to begin running to add more intensity. To have a glass of cold water with lemon juice, in the morning can help to accelerate its metabolism moreover. If you can spend 15 20 minutes after running to make exercise, next, do some exercises of training of force.

You can obtain some basic pesos and realize some easy weight lifting exercises, to strengthen. Nevertheless, if you are pointing at the rapid loss of weight and then to consider to join a gymnasium. It is not necessary to put into practice all the previous suggestions. The best way of losing weight is to have little time to adapt itself to a more healthy life style. And to maintain a healthy body and in form, make sure that adhere to the program.

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