The key of staying healthy: An exercise routine you can do at office or at home

Exercise should be an important aspect of your life as it enables your body to be healthy and strong. It also plays an important role in helping you to meet the challenges that you are about to undertake. If you dream of a healthy body then you need to work hard for it. There are various  exercises that can help you tone down that extra fat without the qualms of travelling to a gym or a health club.

2 easy exercises which you can do at home

The following are the three workouts which you can do at home:

  • Jumping Jacks:  For this kind of exercise, first stand straight with your hands by your sides and both your feet should be together. Second step is to jump in one motion on your feet out to the sides and you should raise both your arms above your head. Lastly, reverse the second step by jumping back to your starting position.
  • Leg lifts: The first step to do this exercise is to lie flat on your back and your legs should be stretched in front of you. The next step should be bending your knees and try to raise your legs. The third step is straightening your legs till your feet points at the roof of your house. The last step is to lower your legs. You should slow down if this workout turns out too easy for you.

An exercise routine you can do at office can help you to keep up with your fitness regime


Working out regularly is the only key to a fit body and in this age where work hours have become irregular you tend to skip your exercise routines. There are many exercises which you can do even when you are at your work place. The following are the 3 basic exercises which you can easily do at your office:

  • Climbing the stairs: This kind of workout is very useful for your lower body. It is very effective and every office has a staircase.
  • Hip flexions: You can do this exercise even by sitting on your chair. You only have to lift your left foot a few inches above the floor. Your knees should be bent at a straight angle and you can hold this position as long as you can.
  • Back twist: For this exercise, sit up straight on your chair and put your right arm behind your hip on the right side. The next step is to twist to the right side and hold this position. The last step is to continue this workout again on the alternative side.

A balanced diet and exercise can lead to a healthy lifestyle

The key to a healthy life is balanced diet and a good exercise regime and for that you should take the necessary steps. Joining a gym or a health club is not necessary as there is an exercise routine you can do at office or at home which can give you a fit body. You should never neglect your health and try your best to protect your body from deadly diseases by working out and eating healthy.

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