Running Exercise

Running is the way to exercises that excellent as the one way , at this period will see a person comes back popular run to lose weight or , run exercise again , but , neither will run for what is the purpose ? , the thing that should consider too much most is , look running , if , do not want painful the knees , tell that , don’t run take the heel will all down better.


The posture runs usually of the human will can divide 2 like [ model ] ,  , be , run down the heel , (Heel Strike running) , for use the heel is the point transfers the power in the ground , follow come to with the sole touches to lay the primer before painting for help support the power bumps , then , use the tiptoe sends the power run next in front of , the posture 2 is , run down the tiptoe , (Forefoot Strike running ) , this posture will emphasize to take the tiptoe transfers the power down in the ground , follow with the heel touches the all ground , then , exert deliver go to in front of with the tiptoe also , which , must be regarded as , the posture runs down the tiptoe will help power safe more than the posture has run down the heel very arrives at 4 times ,

While , side sport researcher has from the Finland studies the group extremely runs both of like [ model ] , down the heel and down the tiptoe vacate 19 persons , meet that ,  , who run with downingto the weight that the heel is likely wounded at knee area more than the group that runs down to the weight with the tiptoe , but , the group that run down to the weight that the tiptoe emphasizes as a result , may enhance wounded chance that the ankle and ligament [ N letter achilles tendon ] more than the group down to the weight go to at the heel with also , which , from aforementioned , the researcher then advise to give a person who aches the knees trains to run with downingto the weight that the tiptoe more and more , person part that have the symptoms aches give down to the weight the heel too much go up there.

The posture runs that is correct

For knees health and good ankle , the heel will should touch the ground before both of the sole will follow to get down , and when , the tiptoe turns to get down touch the ground , the heel will then open to go up , tiptoe , will resemble scratch the earth , climb to like a spring moves from side to side to go up and advance in front of , by the point that foot touches the ground will should straight with the knee which , should must kneel small and foot will should touch the ground after , get stretch go out in front of.

Should run straight back and has the natural manner most , the head is straight , eyes stares straightly in front of , the all part from the head gets down the shoulder and the hip until the ground are a straight line , the body doesn’t bend to go to the front or , lean go to the rear.

The movement of an arm will help rhythmically and the balancing act in running, while, run an arm should sway back and forth is like clock pendulum go to follow front back line , try don’t the elbow bends to come in narrow 90 more a degree, the thumb lay on comfortable forefinger, inch loose handful, the wrist is not contract , sometimes might stretch straight arm gets down , or , shake an arm for , the muscle slackens , after , lift an arm kept long ago.

Should inhale nose way and liberate the breath go out at the same both of time nose way and the mouth, in order that, the inhalation should is in line with comfortable and try to breathe with the stomach, by inhale go to lungs until stomach enlarges and enforce to liberate the wind discharge to come to with pulling in the stomach, because, the inhalation will not in a correct way may cause be colic while run.

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