Rotation Diet: Rotate Calories To Prevent Boredom

The popularity of a rotation diet lies in its variety. The diet is based on the concept that almost all diets fail because they become boring and constrictive. By varying the amount of calories on a weekly basis, the dieter remains interested and able to continue. Changing the level of calories consumed each week may help to prevent a slow down of metabolic processes. This metabolism caused plateau has torpedoed many diets in the past.



The author of this diet is Martin Katahn, who is an author, researcher and dieter himself. The approach he provides is sensible and simple so that it can be maintained as a lifestyle rather than a series of crash diets, leading to yo-yo weight syndrome. The initial dietary phase includes limiting calories, but also encourages more variety in the food choices that are made.

The diet is based upon a four week cycle during week one and week three, men can consume 1200 calories per day for three days and increase it by 300 calories per day for the remaining four days of the week. The second week allows 1800 calories per day. During week four, the dieter can eat as much as they like, although good choices are still recommended. The limits for women are 600 calories per day less than those of men.

A typical menu for the rotation diet emphasizes whole grains and cereals for breakfast, fat free milk and fresh fruit. Lunch consists of virtually unlimited quantities of vegetables, clear soup and some cheese. If you want meat, make it high protein low fat types such as water-packed tuna, salmon or sardines. Fruits such as apples or oranges can be consumed. For dinner, meats can be added to the menu, but not fried foods of any kind. Rice, grains and vegetables are encouraged.

Once the desired weight goal is reached, the maintenance phase begins, which ideally will last through the rest of the lifetime. Simple steps such as avoiding artificially sweetened beverages, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise help to keep the weight off. These steps will improve health and longevity as well as maintaining good weight limits.

The rotation diet is not so much a diet as a lifestyle. It encourages good eating choices but avoids many of the diet pitfalls that cause stumbling. It doesn’t get boring and will result in a steady, but slow weight loss over time. It doesn’t rely on water-weight loss or on nutritionally challenged regimens in order to achieve success.

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