Rapid Weight Loss Diets: The Seven Rules

Everybody wants to have an ideal body and curious how to do rapid weight loss diets. Obesity is a thing that became the most frightening for almost everybody, especially if you got many pounds to shed. For some person, it is more frightening than cancer because in this case, mind and physical are both being attacked. Maybe you have tried every way but still unsure about the best rapid weight loss diets.


Over weight girls usually think that they tend to be less attractive to the opposite sex, hard to move, less sexy, hard to squat and feel tired.

Here are some of the tips in rapid weight loss diets.

1. First rule in rapid weight loss diets is to replace or change your current eating routine. Consciously, or not, we put in our head to take eating three times a day. It is good for giving us energy to do our activities. But, do you ever really think and see your menu? With a composition consisting of beef steak, milky soup, fried chicken, milk shake and less of fruit, you really have to change your daily menu into rapid weight loss diets.

2. Second rule in rapid weight loss diets is to consume more fresh fruits such as apples, strawberries, bananas, melons, oranges, mango, kiwi, plums, grapes or pineapples. Always provide fruits around us both when we work overtime at home or at office hour. Today, we spent longer time at the office than at home. Although if we count our lives remain overall more at home, but we use it to sleep. So eat more fruits is another way in rapid weight loss diets and these are packed with vitamins.

3. The third rule is to get enough sleep and enhance your quality of sleep is one of the best ways on rapid weight loss diets.

4. The fourth rule in rapid weight loss diets is drinking 8 glasses of water every day to help flush your body of fat and impurities. Alternatively, you may also substitute with herbal tea or green tea for few glasses. Today you can also drink liquid chlorophyll. It is good to clean your body and also as a tonic for your body. Liquid chlorophyll also helps to stimulate metabolism.

5. The fifth rule in rapid weight loss diets is doing exercise for at least 30 minutes every day by taking a walk, exercise at a gym or just playing with your kids. Just move your body and get healthy and shapely. Exercise is the key ingredient in rapid weight loss diets.

6. The sixth rule in rapid weight loss diets is to avoid eating late at night. You better take your dinner before 7 PM daily. And do not eat at least two hours before you go to bed. Listen to what your body telling you. If you are full, tired, hungry, or even stressed, your body will tell you.  Learn the signs and obey it. Most people love to have some snack late at night, especially while watching television or just have a chit chat with your spouse, but once again, if you are in rapid weight loss diets, you have to stop it and change it with drink more water.

7. The seventh rule in rapid weight loss diets is increasing your fiber by consuming more vegetables and fruits, choose only whole grain pasta and bread. Maintaining your rapid weight loss diets and you will soon see the result. If you think that eating vegetables is boring, try to consume some fiber supplement, even though eating fresh raw vegetables and fruits are healthier.

With rapid weight loss diets, healthier body you get, happier life you feel. See my other interesting article : Exercise Loss Weight at a Glance.

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