Moderate exercises to fitness- Exercise with pleasure

In order to keep weight issues in check and also in order to reduce cardiovascular disease risk and diabetes, physical activities are very important. While loss of weight is related to decreased intake of calories, physical activities help in preventing issues of regaining weight. People tend to try hard exercises for rapid weight loss but it is not recommended as it can lead to injuries. People should start with slow exercises and slowly increase the exercise intensity.

What does moderate exercise mean?

Moderate exercises are those physical activities which increase the heart and breath rate moderately like 50-60 percent than what it is doing the resting period. Body sweating takes place in these exercises but people do not get exhausted. Moderate intensity exercise like regular brisk walks have good health benefits and are sometimes more beneficial than rigorous workout regimes. Experts recommend people to do moderate intensity exercises 30 minutes daily for 5 days a week or do the same for 150minutes per week. Some studies suggest that in moderate intensity walking, people should take 100 steps in a minute thus translating it to 3000 steps in a 30-minute walk.

Moderate exercises to fitness

Some moderate intensity workouts which people can do for keeping themselves fit are:

  • Brisk walking: people should walk for 30 to 45 minutes briskly so that their heart rate and breath rate increases and sweat breaks out. Walking is a very good cardio exercise. People can keep pedometer with them for keeping a track.


  • Easy jogging: another good cardio exercise which can be done at moderate intensity is jogging. People can jog few kilometers at an easy pace or can do spot jogging for a designated time.
  • Walking in a treadmill at moderate speed: people can walk slowly for a longer period of time on the treadmill regularly and can increase their speed moderately with time. Walking in the treadmill allows people to monitor their calorie loss count and also helps them to monitor their heart rate.
  • Cycling: people can cycle uphill at a moderate speed for about an hour daily or they can also do spot cycling at a moderate speed.
  • Swimming leisurely: swimming is a great exercise for weight loss and for cardio. People can enjoy time in the water and also be fit.
  • Playing outdoor games: outdoor games like tennis, basketball, football, and volleyball are great moderate intensity exercises.


Other activities

Some of the common daily activities which people do not consider to be forms of exercise but amount to moderate exercises to fitness are:

  • Washing one’s vehicle for an hour
  • Mopping and cleaning the house floors for an hour
  • Gardening like digging the soil, raking the leaves, hoeing or weeding by bending and pushing the lawn mower
  • Washing one’s clothes for 30 minutes
  • By doing regular household chores
  • By doing recreational activities like dancing or playing
  • By taking one’s dogs for a stroll

By pushing a child’s stroller while walking or by playing with the children

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