Lose Weight Workout – Routines That Give Results

If you want to effectively and permanently lose weight, workout routines should be made part of your daily habit. These are a series of exercises that are put together to target specific or multiple muscle groups and help burn calories efficiently. However, before starting out on a routine, it is important to take your health condition into consideration. Consult with your doctor, as well as, your trainer so that you can select a routine that is suitable to your current physical state and form.

A good workout routine should combine cardiovascular exercises and strength training. Cardio will not only burn calories but will also strengthen your heart. Strength training, on the other hand, will take care of building and toning muscle groups. Rather than doing multiple sets of the same exercise, alternate between these types of exercises in a circuit for better results.


It is even better if you can maintain a lose weight workout comprised of diverse exercises that are fun to do. If you enjoy what you are doing, you are likely to stick to it. Here are some routines that many have found effective in losing weight.

Lose Weight Workout Routine that Works

Start with any warm up exercise and some stretching to get ready for the routine. It is followed by your favorite cardiovascular exercise for at least 30 minutes. You can choose to stay indoors and do aerobic exercises, power dances or go for the treadmill. You can also spend your time outdoors for brisk walking, jogging or biking. After cardio, follow it up with several sets of squats, lunges and push ups for 10 minutes. Then strength training can be achieved with several sets of weightlifting for 15 minutes – do slow lifts to maximize each move. Then, 5 minutes of stretching should cap off your lose weight workout.

After your body has become accustomed to regular exercise, you can increase the level of your lose weight workout. You can alternate one or two days of high intensity training with one or two days of high intensity cardio. If you don’t feel like changing your routine, you can just increase the pace and length of time you allot to your workout and use heavier weights as well. This is also the time to push yourself with compound exercises and interval training. This means going at a rate where you continuously do alternate routines with only bursts of rest in between. At least 45 minutes of high intensity workout should do the job.

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