Is There a Best Way to Lose Weight?

Have you ever seen this statement? Buy this product because it is the best way to lose weight! Well, marketing slogans like that one have made weight loss a billion dollar industry. There seems to be this obsession among millions, even billions of individuals around the world to lose weight. No wonder there have been hundreds of ways to lose weight that have been introduced in the market for the past decade and this number continues to multiply every year. Of these hundreds of ways to choose from, is there really a best way?

If there was a single formula to achieve the fastest and best way to lose weight, there would not be a market for so many diverse products. Unfortunately, more and more people are finding it difficult to control their weight, and therefore, the ever increasing demand for ways and means to lose weight.

There is no such thing as the fastest way to lose weight or the best way to lose weight that is true and applicable for everyone. What works for one individual may not work for another. So, it is crucial when choosing the right weight loss plan or weight loss regimen to tailor it to your needs, interests and lifestyle.


The best way to lose weight is that which is workable in the long term to an individual. This means that it can easily be incorporated in your lifestyle and you must be willing to make sacrifices to accommodate it. Lifestyle changes and commitment to them are indispensable when you are following a weight loss plan. You cant be into it for a year, lose a good 10-20 pounds and then go back to your previous unhealthy lifestyle. If such is the case, then you are just fooling yourself, because you will never get out of this vicious cycle of your own making.


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