How to lose weight after pregnancy

Now that their new baby is born, women must a lot to think about: how to burn those extra calories they packed on during their pregnancy. Of course new moms want to look quickly like their old selves again: all women want to be attractive and sexy. But they really have to be patient with themselves after their pregnancy. Here are 3 simple tips losing ways after pregnancy.


Tip #1 : Don’t diet (seems impossible?)

It may seem a bit strange but dieting could really have more opposite effects on your post-pregnancy weight than the ones you think. Indeed it s natural for women to feel stressed by their new role of mother. It is proved by doctors that being deprived of the foods that these new moms really love could add extra pounds to their post-pregnancy weight.

Dr. Johnson, MS, RD, has proved that the post-pregnancy weight of most women will come off naturally if they eat healthy and eat for their hunger.  She says that exercising and eating healthy food are the best ways to lose weight after pregnancy.

Dr. Johnson advocates eating well-balanced meals instead of doing diets. Eating broccoli, grapefruit, lettuce, other fruits and vegetables, is one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight after pregnancy.

Tip #2 :  Exercise (seems more logical? )

In order to reach your post-pregnancy weight loss goals, doing exercises is one of the fastest ways. Doing exercises helps women to burn extra calories they packed on during their pregnancy. It is proved by doctors that doing exercises help new moms to overcome depression, sleep issues and to reduce stress (of course it is very stressful to become a mother).

To start,You can do your exercises alone. For example, you can walk with your baby during at least 150 minutes every week. Kinesiologists of has proved that it is enough to help your heart puping and your muscles working well. It might be very difficult for a new mom to walk during 30 minutes in a row every day with the new baby. A tip is to start with a 10 minutes session, then increase it to a 20 minutes and after a 30 minutes session.

Furthermore, it can be helpful to have a personal trainer after pregnancy. You can also subscribe to an exercise program in order to add some strength to your training. There are many health clubs which offer these types of programs to new moms. It is really advised to new moms who had a C-section to see a doctor before starting these strength training.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight



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