How to look thinner without dieting

It is not necessary to follow a diet to look thinner.

Losing weight, diets and diet pills are important aspects in the every day life of the women of the 21st century. We want to loose weight very fast even if we know that by drastic dieting we could endanger our health.

Being all the time under pressure and stress we forget those little secrets taught by our mothers and grandmothers, which made them beautiful, feminine and slim in times when diet pills, diets and weight problems did not even exist.


One of that little secret is fashion, and modern fashion makes it easy for us to look slimmer, slender without being stressed about our dress size, because making little changes about the way you dress you can look thinner in an instant.
We must not forget that everybody has a specific body type and we should dress according to that. Once you accepted the type of your body and you understand what is good for you and what is wrong it is only a question of attitude to look healthy, thin and beautiful.

For example if you are heavier on the top, your bust being bigger then you hips, you should choose tops and blouses made by thin fabrics like cotton, silk or satin with a loose fit, to accentuate more the hips and waist. The blouse should have a darker color than the dress and the neckline should be in V, which creates the illusion of a long and gracious neck.

The skinny type who is thin anyway, should wear layering clothes to create the illusion of curves, should wear ruffles, pleats and light colors which make them look curvier.

The bottom-heavy type should draw the attention away from their hips, because these are bigger than the top half of their body, opposite to the busted women, they should wear bright and light colored tops and dark, black skirts or pants. These women could give more attention to the neck and breasts using opulent necklaces, big earrings or pearls around their neck.

Tall women with long and lanky bodies have more flesh than the skinny ones, but they must create curves on their body like the skinny ones, so they wear layers, wide skirts with medium length, wide pants, but without tops that have a low cut, better with tops that are simple and in one color, that must be a bright, light color.

Little women, petite women have short and straight body, small breasted and do not have a well contoured waist, so for this problem they should wear belts, full skirts and for a taller illusion high heels.

The women who have curves should wear clothes that accentuate their curves, wrap-around dresses, skirts or blouses, from drape fabrics.

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