Honey helps to decrease a pimple

A pimple with woman, this of a pair, but, be believable that , have no woman, which person will want to have a pimple is coming to face, therefore we must seek the way eradicates a pimple goes out , and, honey can help you!


Honey had as its nature may that be to applied is the products for the beauty since , past time , and still use prevent until now both of the products that is homemade and both of industry for the skin and hair.

That honey is formed give the moisture as its nature, which , can absorb and store the water has moistened under the skin , the ability in store moisture is the important factor of the skin is soft , stretch , and be elevated and firm , when , age the skin more and more , or , when , confront with the environment and chemicals , as a result , will make the skin has can not to store the water , make dry skin and cause the mark , the advantage of that honey can use to the products can enhance the moisture.

From the education meets, that honey is nature substance that helps to resist small free cause , by the covering covers up the skin from the destruction of UV radioactivity , and help adjust the skin get back to usual state , help give the skin can resist UV radioactivity more and more , ( , UV radioactivity will make the skin was destroied , the skin old before the age , and might the skin cancer) , honey has the property in germ prevention and help in pimple preservation that have the symptoms don’t be severe , and still different from many pimple way preservations , straight at honey doesn’t make dry skin , be valuable the acid high , (PH low) , there is protein low quantity , which , make the bacteria no take necessary nitrogen builds the progress , then make limit the progress of the bacteria which , cause a pimple ,

Honey formula helps to decrease a pimple ,

Formula 1: uses 1-2 tablespoon honey , or , give just enough with the face , and cover throughout the face , thereafter use a hand presses to are a circle on the face , for a person who is a pimple don’ts press too heavy because , will make a pimple is infected , do 5-10 somes minute , already wash go out with the water warms ,

Formulas 2: use the water warm 1/2 a cup , mix with 1/4 teaspoon salt , and use the wood cotton paint saline solution rubs down that is a pimple , abandon the cotton that is wet salt keeps the area where is some pimples 5-10 minutes , for make area that soft skin , thereafter use the cotton wool wipes drily , and paint honey down on the area where is a pimple , abandon keep 10 minute , then wash go out , and wipe drily.

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