Four Tips to continue to lose weight

Not surprisingly, our bodies stop weight loss despite our efforts daily in order to achieve the desired this, but the solutions are no longer hidden and can find ways to continue to lose extra weight without damaging our health.
This is taken up in this subject across a range of tips to _Khoisan in 4 points, namely:
Not lax in training: Try to redouble your efforts from time to time to surprise the body in which it sees as the time that you need to lose weight with some additional kilograms until you reach the level you want. how do you do that? If you are an amateur running, you will also need to work on muscle building exercises, and if you avoid exercises that require a great effort because it is time to raise the degree of challenge and the additional share of training each week.
Dietary attention: is wrong when many when approaching the attainment of the desired goal where it causes lack of seriousness to follow the diet in negative results not to lose weight despite exercise and sometimes more. For this, and when approaching the attainment of the desired weight, you should not waver in continuing to follow the program that best fits your body weight-loss and take meals eaten all week until you return to the list and delete what you do not need it anymore names. Also try to assess the number of calories you eat in a day so as not to have a surplus of them, otherwise you will need an extra effort to burn in the sports quota.
Do not waste water, fruits and vegetables: In view of physical activity that you do in training the great effort made by your body to get rid of fluids and calories, it becomes your need for vitamins and minerals is very important in order to rebuild. Never stop eating fruit, citrus, cooked and raw vegetables, nuts and legumes … without forgetting our need to drink water constantly to provide the greatest amount of metals to rebuild the body’s cells and make them more effective.
Saturation in fiber and protein: nutrition plays a key role in the exercise and get a curvaceous body, so it’s very important to eat as much as possible of fiber and protein to help the body lose weight and strengthen muscles, as well as to relieve the degree of hunger during exert greater efforts in training, which means not to resort to snack and fast. It is advisable to take protein from lean meat, fish, legumes, some fruits and some vegetables peeled.
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