Fitness and bodybuilding – Two ways, same goals

On the face value both the streams of training look similar but in deeper sense they are different from one another. The stream of bodybuilding is old compared to fitness stream as the art of bodybuilding started in late 1960’s whereas fitness stream came into picture recently.


There are many similarities and dissimilarities between the two. Some of the similarities include people from both the stream have good well-maintained physique; both spend their time in the gym building and shaping their bodies.

The differences between the two lies in body builders build up large muscles, fitness enthusiasts try to be in shape and look healthy. Body builders bulk up their bodies whereas fitness models go for leaner self. The training sessions of the fitness enthusiasts are intense and short compared to the body builders. Body builders do not pay attention to cardio exercises but only lift weights whereas fitness models divide their time between cardio and weight lifting.

Fitness and bodybuilding

The most important difference between fitness and bodybuilding is that fitness sessions do not require people to lift heavy weights like bodybuilders do. In bodybuilding, people lift heavy weights and push and pull using the same. In this way, their muscles grow first and then they gain power. Bodybuilding is the easiest way to gain muscle mass. As opposite to bodybuilding, fitness exercises let people be in shape. They live a healthy, fit, and active life as they burn daily calories. People gain weight in bodybuilding whereas they lose weight in fitness regime to get a fit and good body shape.

Bodybuilding is about size

The main aim of the bodybuilders is to grow their muscle size. They do not pay great attention to functional strength of the body. They usually lift weights for giving their body a pump. When the body gets a pump the blood circulates oxygen and nutrients to the muscles of the body, the muscles get microscopic tears and in the process of muscle reparation the muscles grow larger in size. Although large muscles hold large amount of energy, the energy stored is not at all similar to the energy stored in real strength.

Fitness training is about strength

The main purpose of fitness training is to make a person fit, healthy, and strong. In this training, people tend to be lean and muscular. The key to success in this type of training is to keep on repeating the workout sessions and to lift weights. One should not exert oneself in this type of exercise and resting period is very important as it is in this period that the muscles gain mass. The goals of this workout regime are to make the muscles strong, to strengthen the bones, to increase a person’s functional strength and endurance level.

Similarity between the two

Irrespective of the differences, fitness and bodybuilding are two branches of a tree. Both of them work towards making a man try hard to get a good and fit body. They push man’s physical limits and also help them to fulfill their upmost goal, that is, to be healthy and to look good.

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