Eating whey protein in building muscle

Whey protein, be one kind protein that separate from milk , which , both of a woman and a man can consume , by give a result the supplementary food that build to come to for fast convenience in protein addition , but , however , because of , in pillar meal , the body receives the protein from animal meat , egg , and milk, if , the body has received protein enough quantity from pillar time already , do not advise give eat the protein adds , more than is necessary , which , consuming protein too much , sporadically the time long ago, might bear effect that be severe , such as , the disease riddled bone , the damage has that the liver and the kidney severely.

The coach, repeat that, eating protein in every a kind , can help reinforce the muscle , but , must go together with training muscle, if , train irregularly , as a result , must take time for a long time more the muscle will strong , by training , there is various the format , depend on that , want to train area which muscle , and want what kind is the muscle?

For value calculation , BMI , be the important factor will to indicate in about [ story ] nutrition condition , but , in an athlete or , person exercise build the muscle inappropriates with value calculation , BMI , because of , the weight of an athlete fluently heavy from the muscle more than the fat , if , calculate with the value , BMI, that get , will make exceed standard index mass body standard ,

Besides, the sleep will sufficiently affect to the muscle , because , while , we sleep, our muscle that was usable hard has will to resuscitate , muscle fiber that is damaged from training muscle , have repair , which , if , we sleep not enough , as a result , may make our muscle is born the symptoms will have been exhausted and may make the muscle totteringly ,


The coach mention the trend in the social world, about [ story ] of the posture exercises , such as , decrease a calf , decrease an arm , top of the time short thigh, 5 just minute that, don’t be naive, because, every kind exercise must use the time , it’s impossible see clear advantage immediately , besides , the exercise that emphasize until exceed body quickness, might make have dangerous from woundedding follows to come plentifully, the important factor is , the efficiency of the exercise must take time and attend , should choose the exercise suit oneself , build the discipline by do always , have a meal only correctly , enough already ,

“Every format exercise likes with multi-purpose medicine , but , must choose a kind , heavies , the long ago , and the often of the exercise are appropriate the gender , age , physical condition ( of one’s body ) , environment , and the purpose of each person , then will regard the exercise for the health actually ” , the coach say.

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