do exercise to lose weight

If you have decided to do exercise to lose weight, then here is a list of exercises which you can perform easily without any difficulty.

Bird dog


Make sure your hands are right away beneath your shoulders and your knees are directly beneath your hips. Bit by bit lift your right leg at the back of you and keep your right arm in such a way it forms a straight line. Maintain your balance without arching your back. Now, come back to the beginning position and do this procedure on the opposite side.

Best exercises to lose weight : Back Extension Superman

Stay on your tummy and keep your arms facing towards the front. Now slowly lift your legs and upper body off the floor while placing your head straight. Take a break for a while for about 3 seconds and do this procedure again.

Side planks Hip drops

Start by staying on the right side of your body with your right elbow lined beneath your shoulder. Place your feet on the ground and raise your hips above the floor and give some support to your body with the help of your forearm. Hold for about five seconds and now lower your hips on the ground and redo the entire process.

Single leg Balance Stick

To do this exercise you have to balance on your right foot with your left foot at the back of you. Lean at the front of you staying on a straight body position and slowly raise your left heel towards the ceiling. Stay on a slight bend in your standing knee in such a way that you don’t lock your knee. If you are facing problem while balancing, then concentrate on something in front of you or keep your back leg for the initial strength purpose.


This is another great exercise, there for the people who would like to lose weight and want to get rid of belly fat.


Another option and is the best exercise to lose weight and to burn calories easily without any difficulty.


This exercise work for your abdominals, back, and inner thighs and will improve your glutes and hamstrings health condition. You can also raise your hips with your feet flat on the floor after that slowly expand one leg into the sky.


This is another exercise, there for the people who would like to lose weight within a short period. To do this exercise you have to keep your feet side by side and arms lying comfortably by your sides. Move ahead with your right foot and lower your body till your front knee is at 90 degrees and make sure your knee is not touching the floor. After that, to finish this exercise you have to take off your front right foot while keeping your left leg in a right position and place your right foot off the floor then balance with your right thigh side by side to your hip.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight



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