Common Weight Loss Exercises to Burn Calories Fast

Common Weight Loss Exercises involve keeping your body in an active state and thereby burning calories to help in loosing weight. If you need to lose 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) then you need to burn an approximate 3,500 calories by doing various exercises. Whatever exercise you choose to do, do the kind of exercise that burns up most calories from your body. You need to burn up more calories than your calorie intake on a regular basis and perform routine aerobic exercises than strength or resistance training exercises as the former is known to burn up more calories in least amount of time. Common Weight Loss Exercises include aerobics, circuit training and resistance training. Let me explain one by one in detail.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise focuses on the use of oxygen for burning up of calories and producing the required energy demands during exercise. While doing Aerobic exercises the glycogen present in your muscles is burned down to produce glucose and the glucose reacts with oxygen to output carbon dioxide, water and energy. Your cardio respiratory system which includes the heart, lungs and blood vessels is put to test while doing Aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise gradually increases your ability to utilize and remove the amount of oxygen in a specified time period.VO2 max test can be taken under the guidance of a physiologist to measure your cardio respiratory endurance level and the intensity at which you can exercise. There are a lot of benefits of doing aerobic exercises every day.

It Strengthens your lung muscles as you increase the intake of air in a much vigorous rate.

It enlarges your heart muscles and improves its plumbing efficiency. Your heart rate settles into a much healthier rhythm.

Reduction in blood pressure.

Increasing the red blood cell count in your body and thereby improving your immunity.

Improves your mental health and prevents mood swings.

Circuit Training

Circuit training involves use of high-intensity aerobics to build up your strength and muscular endurance. A “circuit” contains a bunch of exercises and a person may go on exercising one circuit after the other until he/she reaches a specified target(liked a targeted amount of calorie loss). A circuit contains exercise for each section of your body like upper-body, core & trunk and Lower-body. Regular circuit training is more effective than any form of exercise and you can easily achieve your weight loss goals because you can calculate the estimated calorie burn up when you complete a particular circuit. Doing Circuit training along with strength training enhances the speed at which you metabolize your food.

Resistance Training


Although not commonly considered the best exercise to lose weight, strength training or resistance training is designed to induce muscular contraction and thereby building your strength and size of your muscles. You can increase the density of bone, muscle, tendon and ligaments. Strength training involves repetitions and increasing the repetitions or load overtime. Whenever you are doing Strength training due to explosive movements there would be a shortage of oxygen in your body and it results in the buildup of lactate. It increase the mass and your muscle’s ability to utilize protein.
The parameters of strength training include the use of a variety of specialized terms like:

Exercise-Includes movement of different joints in specific patterns so that it puts pressure in different muscles of your body.

Form-Each exercise has a specific form that is universally followed, if you follow the specified movements while doing a particular exercise it helps to strengthen your muscles and provides more safety.

Rep-Which is the short form of repetition is used to describe a single cycle of lifting and lowering weight.

Set-A set consists of several reps that is done one after the other without taking any breaks in between. You can only do a set of exercise if you can lift a particular amount of weight without taking a break.

Tempo- Is the speed at which an exercise is performed so that it effects the growth of the muscle in a particular manner.

Training goals are set according to the parameters of strength training in mind

Taking repetitions of Sets 1 to 5 develops muscle size and strength

A set of 6 to 12 develops balance of strength and muscle size.

Sets of 13 to 20 repetitions develop anaerobic endurance without impacting your strength.

Doing sets of more than 20 repetitions stresses the aerobic system.

Using a combination of all three training styles will give you the best results for losing weight safely and effectively.

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