Cardio Machine: Which One Burns The Most Calories?

Whether you are new to the gym scene or you’ve been a regular face at the gym for years, it can be confusing trying to figure out which machine to use for your cardio workout. While there are numerous benefits to enjoying a regular cardio workout, including reduced stress levels, improved heart and lung health, and more, one of the biggest benefits that keep people engaged in a regular cardio workout is weight loss through burning calories. So while you are trying to figure out which cardio machine to use today, the big question remains – which one burns the most calories?


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the treadmill is one of the best choices for an intensive, calorie-burning workout. A person weighing about 145 pounds can burn about 600 calories by keeping up a decent jogging pace on the treadmill for thirty minutes. One of the drawbacks for the treadmill is that the impact of running is often hard on the knees and back. However, take heart in knowing that even a brisk walk on the treadmill can burn approximately 100 calories per mile! Hint: increase the incline for a more intensive workout.

Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines provide you with an excellent cardio workout with far less impact than running on a treadmill. With different types of machines set at different resistance levels and inclines and offering workouts with and without arm movements, it is somewhat tricky to lump generalize the calorie burn of these machines However, generally speaking, a 145 pound person can expect to burn about 300 calories with a thirty minute workout using arm movement as well.

Stair Stepper

The stair stepper is a favourite machine for many gym members. This machine offers a somewhat less strenuous workout than the treadmill and the elliptical due to the fact that it engages only the lower body. With an hour on the stair stepper at a moderate pace, an average person can expect to burn about 450 to 500 calories.

Rowing Machine


The rowing machine is not a very popular machine. In fact, unless you are an avid cardio enthusiast, you may not even notice the one or two rowing machines your gym likely has. This machine offers a great workout that focuses on the full body, and offers the equivalent calorie burn of a run on the treadmill. Burning about 600 calories per hour, rowing also is easier on your knees but may cause some back pain if you are not used to working out on this machine or have a weak back.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are popular machines for those who have knee pain, back pain, or who otherwise are looking for a good cardio workout with the least impact to the joints. While the impact on  your joints is less, the calorie burn for this machine is also less. An average-sized personal will need to travel four miles on a stationary bike just to burn 100 calories. Increase the resistance on the bike for a great calorie burn.

Conclusion – Action Plan

Your first thought upon reading this article may be to pledge wholeheartedly to hit the machine or two that offer the greatest calorie burn on a regular basis. However, to get the greatest benefit from your cardio workout, make plans to vary your routine. Vary your workouts between short, intense workouts and longer, less strenuous workouts. Also vary the machines you use, and plan to use two to three different machines over the course of a thirty to sixty minute cardio workout. You will see the best results and enjoy your workout better when you add some variety to your workout.

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