Best Exercise for Women by the Body Shape

If you are a woman and in need of losing weight, then you should do the best exercise for women which not only helps to lose some pounds but also facilitate you to get the better body shape. It means that even though you are single woman, full mother, housewife, or maybe the career woman, you should give certain attention in order to make your appearance stay beautiful and fit. To give a real shot about that, doing routine exercises will be the good choice. It will not only help you to keep the physical appearance in good condition. So, below we have the list of what exercise the woman should do based on the body shape.



The pear body type

It is called the pear body type because the bottom part of your body is bigger than the top. Well, as your body type is pear then you should tone the shoulders and the arms to make the balance look

The best exercise for women with pear body type, you can do pushup. You can do pushup for 15X in one set and rest for 30 seconds. After that, you should repeat that until three sets. Scissors jump is one exercise you can do. Do it for 10 up to 20 jumps. After that you can do the lift-off lunge which is good for the triceps, shoulders, core, thighs, and buttocks. Do that for 10 up to 12 repetitions per leg. And the leg raise will also help you to get good shape of body.

The straight body type

Straight body type means that your body has a very little curve. It is better to add more curves on your waist and arms. So you should find the best exercise for women which are friendly with straight body.

You can do lift-off lunge for 10 up to 12 repetitions for every leg and you can make variations by doing mermaid position. Then do the pushup and leg raise with the help of fitness ball in 8 up to 12 repetitions per set or just change it with the crossover crunch in the same term. The next day will be better to do squat and overhead press in 12 up to 14 repetitions or you can change it with the plank things.

The curvy body type

Curvy body means that the hips and bust look larger than the waist part. Full-body muscle is the best choice you have to make your appearance looks better and balance. Arms and legs are other parts that should be paid more attention.

You can do the lift-off lunge and mermaid for the first day. Make it for 10 to 12 repetitions for each leg. In the next day you can continue with push up and leg raise with the fitness ball and then doing the hundred on ball. On the third day, you can do the tai chi lunge in 10 to 12 repetitions or full set and then complete it by doing side plank with moving knee.


Women have different body type. And different body type has different treatment for losing weight. For getting maximum and quick result, we must know the best exercise for our body type.

Nothing body type are better from the other. We just need right treatment for shaping our body to be good-looking. Right treatment got perfect result. Right exercise got quick result.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight



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