Benefits of resistance training: stronger muscles and bones

Also known as strength training or weight training, resistance training is the type of exercise in which there use of resistance like weight lifting or sprinting for contracting the muscles. This type of training helps in building body strength and in increasing the size of skeletal muscles. It is an intense training which focuses on power.

Although sports like tennis and racquetball are considered resistance training as they use maximum exertions, weight lifting is considered to be the best type of this exercise. Experts recommend the


Principles of resistance training

Basic principle of the training is to make the muscles of the body work in order to overcome any kind of resistance force consistently so that over a period of time the muscles become stronger.

Another principle of resistance training is to include a variety of exercises in the workout routine so that the muscles get challenged, adaptive and strong.

Experts recommend people to workout intensively two to three times per week. The key to success is to do the exercises repeatedly. This training program improves functionality of the bones, increases muscle, ligament and tendon strength and also increases density of the bones.

Elements of training

The various elements of resistance training include a variety of exercises like aerobics, balance exercises, flexibility and strengthening training sessions. Different weights are used for strength training sessions. Each group of exercises are done in sets and they are continuously repeated.

Few things to remember

It is very important to take rest in between the sets and the duration of rest depends on the workout intensity.

It is very important to give recovery time to the body as the muscles takes time to repair and adapt. One should do warm up exercises like walking, cycling and stretching exercises before starting with muscles strengthening exercises.

Benefits of resistance training

People can achieve many physical and mental benefits through this type of training. Some of them are:

  • It helps in toning and improving muscle strength: resistance training exercises especially lifting of weights are beneficial for increasing muscle mass. This training helps in increasing the endurance strength of the muscles and also helps in keeping the muscles toned.
  • It is beneficial for the bones: the chances of osteoporosis declines as the density and strength of bones increases through these exercises.
  • Helps in increasing stamina: through regular exercises the body gets stronger and the feeling of tiredness reduces.
  • Helps in managing weight and in weight loss programs: with time and regular exercise people gain muscle and the metabolism rate of the body increases and people lose body fat fast.
  • It helps in preventing or controlling chronic health conditions like diabetics, obesity, heart risks, back and joint pains.
  • The exercises are beneficial for improving overall sense of well-being and also help to curb depression as people’s self-confidence gets a boost.

The other benefits of resistance training include: improved posture and body balance, good management of pain and improved mobility, less chances of injury and a good night’s sleep.

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