Benefits of cardio training: feel good exercises

What is cardio exercise?

Cardiovascular exercise is known as Cardio in short. Any body movement which helps in increasing the pulse rate, heartbeat rate and circulation of blood in the body is called cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise is very important for the body and should feature prominently in one’s fitness regime.

There are many types and methods of cardio exercises and people can perform many forms of the same as each has particular benefits and instructions. Some of the common cardiovascular exercises are walking, jogging, swimming, biking, aerobic exercises and running.

Cardio exercises are not only beneficial for weight loss but are also beneficial for keeping the heart healthy and for building muscles. Experts recommend 20 to 60 minutes of cardio exercises three to five times a week.

The need for cardiovascular training

Cardiovascular training is needed for getting the people going and for making the bodies feel relaxed and flexible. By doing cardio exercises people not only lose weight but also feel energised as through these exercises the level of oxygen increases in the body and they also feel confident about their body.

These exercises help people to feel active throughout the day and help them to lead a better quality life. Different types of cardio exercises increases blood flow in the body, help the heart to work properly and also strengthen the heart and the lungs of the body.


Benefits of cardio training

Although people generally associate cardiovascular exercises with weight loss, there are many other benefits of cardio training. Some of them are discussed below:

Benefit#1: helps in improving the heart’s health

The first and foremost benefit of this type of exercise is that the condition of the heart improves. Through this training the blood circulation of the body becomes better and the blood flows into the heart properly and the heart functions efficiently. By performing any of the cardio exercises people help their heart to pump at a rapid rate and thus the heart stays healthy.

Benefit#2: helps in increasing metabolism

Cardiovascular training helps in speeding up the body’s metabolism.  Intense cardio training sessions help in increasing the metabolic rate of the body which in turn helps in maintaining the body weight or helps in faster body fat loss.

Benefit#3: helps in improving the hormonal profile of the body

A variety of cardiovascular training session helps in removing any symptoms of depression from which a person may suffer. They help in curbing the feeling of body fatigue and help the people to keep a positive approach towards life. Cardio is beneficial for relieving stress.

Benefit#4: helps in improving brain and bone health

These exercises improves brain functioning and also increases learning and verbal memory. Regular cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes increase the bone density of the body thus reducing bone fracture risks.

Benefit#5: helps in managing diabetics

One of the most important benefits of cardio training is that it manages diabetics. These exercises help in controlling the blood sugar level and also help the body muscles in proper utilizing glucose.

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