7 essential steps to slim figure

If you want to become slimmer then you should know that beautiful figure and good appearance directly depends on your overall health.

Acquire some good habits, which will lead you to slim figure for sure!

Here are some simple rules to help you lose weight and enhance your wellness.




  1. Relaxation
    Stress is a one of main reasons of obesity. Use relaxation techniques to reduce influence of excess weight to your health. Sit comfortably, deeply breathe in and breathe out as slow as you can. Practice this exercise 1-2 times per day for 5-10 minutes
  2. Bad habits and addictions
    Get rid of alcohol and nicotine addictions. It’s known fact, that even small amounts of wine stimulate weight gain. Besides that smoking women gain weight two times faster than smoking men.
  3. Nutrition
    Increase consuming of cereals, vegetables and fruits. These normalizes metabolism and helps to control weight
  4. Water
    Drink at least 2 liters of clean fresh water per day. Avoid dehydratation.
  5. Bones
    Osteoporosis – is a disease which is weaken your bones. Weak spine is unable to hold body weight. To prevent of osteoporosis you need to regularly consume calcium rich foods and probably take some calcium food supplements. Daily requirements of calcium are 19mkg after 50 years and 15mkg before 50 years.
  6. Sport & Fitness
    It’s not a secret that muscle training can help in fighting with excess weight. Maximum fitness effect is achieving if you make exercises 5 times per week by 45-60 minutes.
  7. Posture
    If you trying to hold your back straight you train your belly muscles and involuntary pull your belly in. In result you become more slim, even visually. BTW ballroom dance lessons can help you train your back muscles and significantly enhance your posture.

Best Exercise to Lose Weight



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