5 Tips To Help Get You In The Running

There exists no difference of opinion among experts in one thing; running is a powerful exercise. Once you get the habit, you simply cannot afford to sit back. It has that intoxicating effect on a person. But, there may be times when you find yourself unable to move beyond a certain speed limit.

Envying your role model is not a good idea. It may even force you to bid farewell to your newly acquired habit. Fortunately, running faster and longer is not that difficult.

Tips to help get you in the running

Begin your efforts here by knowing your speed. You can use a stopwatch or any similar device for the purpose. Run for a mile, calculate your speed and work on it to improve. Just make sure that you are running on a flat purpose. The best option is using a local track.

Here are a few additional tips to help you in this regard.

1.       Learn the proper technique

This is the first thing you should do when you plan to cultivate this habit. Let your upper body stay relaxed and steady. When running, your mid-foot under the hip should land on the ground. See to it that you are not swinging your arms sideways. They should swing backward and forward at a 90 degrees angle.

2.       Make stretching a routine

Experts offer contradicting advice on stretching before running. But, they agree that making it as part of your daily routine works wonders. It increases flexibility and protects you from injuries. However, doing it just before running is generally discouraged.

3.       Use the power of your arms

Know that when running, your feet follow the movements of your arms. Start by throwing your arms to the back as hard as possible. When you do it, you get benefited from the elasticity of your shoulder. Automatically, you are able to run faster.

4.       Try to mix speeds

You may feel tempted to start at the fastest. But, experts say that beginning slowly will improve your speed. Start at the slowest, increase it gradually and run the fastest when the finishing point comes to sight.

5.       Enjoy a hot bath

This is a must if you want to work on your speed. Soaking your legs in warm water relaxes muscles and helps them recover faster. Showering is not that effective. Still, it will do fine if having a bath is not feasible.

6.       Drink lots of water


Drinking water is a must when you are not exercising. This becomes all the more important when you do high-impact workouts like running. See to it that you are drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. You don’t have to drink all at once. Just maintain a constant supply.

7.       Try to run longer

Speed is key to success for a renowned runner. However, this will never work for a beginner. Focus on your endurance before trying to increase speed.  When you are confident enough here, you can start working on your speed.

Add these guidelines to the search results from Google with the keyword “tips to help get you in the running.” You are in for a pleasant surprise!

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