4 Tips To Help Get You In The Running

Running is such a great exercise that once you get the hang of it, you will never feel like quitting. The faster you run, the more your brain starts producing those “feel good” hormones. You will begin to feel that there is something great that motivates great runners and you find yourself striving for it without you noticing the change. But, the time until this exercise becomes your habit is crucial.


You can definitely use your will power. However, that alone is not going to help you if you are not someone blessed with superhuman determination. Fortunately, making running a part of your daily routine is not that difficult. Try these tips.

Tips to help you get in the running

Know that planning with a long-term perspective in mind is a must to cultivate a new habit. Running is not an exception. Set aside a time, outline the ways you should reward yourself if you succeed and plan a motivation. The accompaniment can be anything, an audio program to encourage you or good music to energize you; choices are in fact limitless. Combine the following tips with this and you will stay fit all your life.

  1. Start in the morning

You may be fully convinced that running is good for your health. But, commitment towards family and other responsibilities make it impossible for you to maintain the habit. The practical approach is to practice it in the morning. Doing this will make sure that you are able to take care of your health before the day’s commitments start kicking in.

2. Have lots of vegetables

Vegetables are low in calories and rich in nutrients. They also contain anti-oxidants capable of helping you recover fast after a workout session. This is a must for you to be strong enough to maintain the habit. You don’t have to stick to the few people recommend as the most nutritious. Introduce as much variety as you can and enjoy your diet.

3. Let a friend support you

Discuss your plan to make running your habit with your best friend or your family members. They will have lots of valuable insights that you can benefit from. Besides, being accountable to others is the best way to stay motivated in your fitness journey. Let your family members monitor your progress and enquire about it at regular intervals. You can also join online support groups designed to help beginners.

4. Don’t stress out your body

It so happens that people get over-enthusiastic at times. They run as much as they can and end up feeling tired. Start small and increase the duration and speed gradually. If you are a person not habituated to running, don’t force your body to do it every day. Be kind to yourself; twice or thrice a week will do to start with. Let your body suggest you to improve it as and when it is comfortable.

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