3 Most Important Exercises for Men

The best exercise for men should give the real shot such as burn the unnecessary fat, lose your weight, build the muscle mass, and of course make better transformation for your body by using the essential exercises. Then those would be the main reason of why every guy in the fitness or gym center looks for the best methods for himself. Besides, the fitness center offers good vibes and energy, many kinds of equipment, and perhaps some programs or plans they need. They will try many ways ranging from train their bodies every day with the equipments in the gym, hire a professional bodybuilder and ask for the guidance up to follow the trends in today.

Well, actually that is such a good try but you will not get the real shot until you try the necessary exercise to build the muscle mass in your body. Below, we have summarized the most important exercise should be done by men and if you have no time then you do not need to worry because these kinds of workout are the fastest and effective either. So, here are the lists.


Well, we know that this is the classic one but you cannot underestimate this kind of exercise. Pushup is included into one of the best exercise for men because it will help you to burn fat in the arms and eliminate the unnecessary stuff from your chest. Besides, it will help you to build the chest so it will look so manly. Not only helps to build a big chest, pushup will also contribute to the triceps. If you can master this part of exercise then it will give you benefit such as what the bench press will give to you.



Like the first move, this kind of exercise is also the classic one. There are many benefits by doing the pull-up such as put every muscle in the body in charge and it also helps to develop the bottom part of arms and the abs muscle. If you are looking for the exercise which will help you to develop the biceps as well, then pull-up is the right thing to do. Other than that, it is also good to make your arm bigger and stronger, burn the unnecessary fat, and of course will lead to weight loss in good way.

Arm plank

Arm plank can be done in various ways. It means that you can do some variations of position when do the arm plank. Well, you should make a position like you will do pushup. But for this exercise, you should hold your body weight by using your arms and feet only. It will make your shoulders stronger, help to gain the stability, and build the muscle on the abs. Do not worry, because this best exercise for men will also contribute to build the other muscles in the body such as shoulders, legs, neck, and lower back as well. More time for tension, more muscle you will gain.


That’s easy ways also best exercise for men. You can do that at house, work or park. You just need 10 minutes per day and you will get healthy and day to day your body will make shape. For this ways you don’t need go to the gym. It’s efficient if you busy and need exercise. Just 10 minutes per day you can burning your fat and make shape for your body

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