Trimming The Fat & Ditching The Gym Has Never Been Easier!

1. Take your cardio outdoors

You don’t have to give up cardio just because you can’t hit the treadmills or the group cycling classes at the gym. Lace up your shoes and hit the pavement! Whether you’re running, biking, or power-walking, getting your heart pumping is as easy as opening the front door and putting one foot in front of the other. Try doing sprints from light post to light post, tacking on mileage, taking the dog with you, or biking places instead of driving – the possibilities are endless for creative cardio without the gym.

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Staying Fit Throughout The Holidays

The holiday season is recognized for many things, both good and bad. Many of us consider the holidays a stressful time. One of the tactics we can use for staying fit throughout the holidays is to combat that stress with a natural stress reliever – walking. Taking time to enjoy the outdoors is a great way to de-stress. The holiday stress can come from the fun we enjoy and the related decisions and activities. Not only do we enjoy festivities with friends and family, we also enjoy some delicious holiday dishes. And with all the holiday events it is easy to postpone our regular workout routines. The result is, at least for many of us, we tend to over-indulge during the festivities and because we skip some of our regular exercise, we end up putting on some extra weight. Typical weight gain can range from 1 to 2 pounds to up to 7 pounds.

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Eating Right Means Eating Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are better than supplements

Although most people realize the need of eating fruits and vegetables, some rely instead, on taking supplements to get the nutrients they would get from the fruits and vegetable. The simple fact is, fruits and vegetables are better than supplements. Whether you are taking supplements to lose weight or simply to fill a gap between what your diet is missing, you really cannot expect a pill or two to make up the difference.


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