Fitness and bodybuilding – Two ways, same goals

On the face value both the streams of training look similar but in deeper sense they are different from one another. The stream of bodybuilding is old compared to fitness stream as the art of bodybuilding started in late 1960’s whereas fitness stream came into picture recently.


There are many similarities and dissimilarities between the two. Some of the similarities include people from both the stream have good well-maintained physique; both spend their time in the gym building and shaping their bodies.

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Fitness and bodybuilding: Change your lifestyle habits

Eat foods which are high in protein, good for your health, and follow a healthy diet plan because it helps you to build your muscles.

On day one, you first check your weight and take photos before starting the program.

Aim how much you would like to lose weight because it helps you to do exercises according to your fitness plan.

If you are doing it for the first time, then it is better to get suggestions from the trainer because only a professional trainer will help you to lift the weights correctly according to your health condition.


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Benefits of cardio training: feel good exercises

What is cardio exercise?

Cardiovascular exercise is known as Cardio in short. Any body movement which helps in increasing the pulse rate, heartbeat rate and circulation of blood in the body is called cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise is very important for the body and should feature prominently in one’s fitness regime.

There are many types and methods of cardio exercises and people can perform many forms of the same as each has particular benefits and instructions. Some of the common cardiovascular exercises are walking, jogging, swimming, biking, aerobic exercises and running.

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